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In the town where I was born
Lived a man who sailed the seas
And he told us of his life
In the land of submarines

In September, EMI and Apple Corps will be releasing the entire catalog of the Beatles’ albums in newly re-mastered form.  The re-mastering process has taken 4 years, utilizing modern, high-quality mastering technology.  Last time these songs were mastered was in 1981.  So basically, they’re going to sound amazing.  I can’t wait.

Tonight I will be leading worship for a youth camp that I spent quite a few years at as a camper growing up.  It’s nice to give back in that way.  Playing on a praise & worship team is a great thing to do in a spiritual sense and in a musical sense.  I played on praise teams for years before I started my first band, and I feel I was much better off for it.  By the time I tried starting a “band” band I was already very fluent in chord changes, variations / inversions of chords, keys of songs, etc… but most importantly I had experience in playing music as a group, and that dynamic is irreplaceable and essential to anyone who wants to succeed in a band.  You have to understand and respect each member’s role in the group, and as a musician you have to know when to play big/loud stuff and when to play soft/background stuff so that others in the group can be featured.  Praise & worship naturally involves a lot of improvisation / “going with the flow”, which is also something very valuable in the music world.

So whenever someone at a show asks me for tips on how to get started, or how to find people to be in a band, I ask if they go to church somewhere; and if they do, I encourage them to try to join the praise team, even if only on a periodic basis at first.  Most church praise teams will allow people of any experience level to try their hand at it.  If you really want to be in a band someday, there is no better preparation than playing at your church. 

TODAY the first segment of Droppin’ Knowledge with Josiah…..drops!  Enjoy immensely!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:

1.  “I Woke Up In A Car” by Something Corporate

2.  “Listen to Your Friends” by New Found Glory

3.  “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles



  1. I am a highschool student and I play keys for the highschool and middle school ministries at my church. I love playing with other people and it has helped me overcome some of my stage fright 🙂 It was funny that you decided to write about the topic because my mom wants me to play in the orchestra at out church which I am not so sure about… It really is a rewarding experience!

    I love the video!


  2. you’re so smart haisoj.
    HAHA, just kidding.
    that robe makes you look like hugh hefner.
    …that is all.


  3. you’re kidding about me being smart? come on, give me a break!


    • oh haisoj, it’s a good thing you’re pretty.
      HAHA, just kidding[again].


  4. cooler Blog, schau gern wieder vorbei!

  5. I just got these songs off iTunes and im really excited about them! Especially the RD song, i’ve been singing it non stop!

    “Figure It Out” Everyday Sunday
    “Learning to Fall” This Beautiful Republic
    “Heartbeat” Remedy Drive
    “Fireflies” Owl City

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