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Todd’s Master Cleanse Log

As a reminder, I’ve started an all-liquid diet this week consisting of a mixture of water, fresh squeezed lemons, organic maple syrup, and cayenne pepper, with a glass of salt water at the beginning and end of each day. The diet is to gain energy, lose weight, and mainly detox the body.

Day 1: I don’t know if feasting on WingStop the night before the cleanse was the best idea. It’s a pretty extreme switch to go from piles of wings to just liquid the next day. I woke up early today to drink my first glass of salt water (which makes you go #2 fast) but nothing really happened. In fact I went to church and sat comfortably the whole time. Came home and drank my first batch of the lemonade. Not what I expected. The cayenne pepper adds a tingly kick to the juice which makes it a little harder to swallow, but this breaks up the junk caked on my intestines so it’ll leave the body. Overall though, the drink is not that bad. As I was getting settled for bed tonight I drank my nightly portion of salt water but for whatever reason could not keep it down. It came right back up along with most of the lemonade I had drank throughout the day. Very disappointing. My body is upset with me and wants more wings instead of peppery lemonade. Day 1 fail. 

Day 2:  I woke up this morning with a splitting headache. I believe it’s because I lost most of the nutrients from last night and I may be a little dehydrated. I skipped the salt water this morning and went straight to downing as much water as I could to replace fluids. The headache stuck around for most of the day. My body definitely wants food but it ain’t gettin’ it. It’ll learn to adjust to the diet soon. The hardest days are the first couple of days I’m told. The drink has grown on me even more. In fact, the first glass of the day was actually very satisfying. I had no problem drinking in the rest of it throughout the day and have found that chasing each gulp down with another gulp of water helps get rid of the peppery aftertaste so I can drink it faster and more efficiently. I realized my problem with the first attempt at the salt water chug was that it was warm. I kept it in the fridge all day so that at night when I was ready to chug it, it may possibly be easier. Which was the case. I got the salt water down and it came back out again, but the right way this time. 

Day 3: Woke up and drank my cold salt water with no problem, visited the bathroom, and drank my first lemonade glass of the day. I don’t even need to chase each gulp with water anymore. I made an excellent blend last night and today’s brew tastes more like actual lemonade then it had the previous days, or maybe it’s just my mind playing tricks on me. I brought my portable jug of lemonade to work with me tonight and now have multiple people attempting the cleanse next week because of me. I’ve made a surprisingly quick adjustment to the liquid diet and had no problems today at all. Tomorrow, I’m going with one of my best friends to get ingredients for the cleanse who is going to start the diet as well. The only thing I’m worried about is that Philmont has a show coming up in a couple days and I’m worried about loading in gear and playing a show with just the lemonade as nutrition. It’ll be the first day of physical work on the diet. We’ll see what happens. So far so good. I haven’t even been tempted to eat yet. Making progress. 7 more days to go. 


As promised, I have finished the first episode of Todd’s Recap Rap. Enjoy 



  1. I’m glad the diet is working out for you! I’ll be praying that the show goes well.

    The video was awesome. 🙂 I am looking foward to more and I am really looking foward to the release of Attention!!!

  2. 7 more days!! i thought you were only going for 7 in the first place… wow!
    i’ve done the lemonade diet but was told to try it for 3 days the first time.
    i may try for 7 but 10… not so sure.
    Your headache was probably dehydration and caffeine withdrawal both.

    The recap rap was awesome!
    we’ll be talking about it all day i’m sure:o)
    Later LDB!
    big hugs and high 5’s!!

  3. Good to hear the diet is working out for you. I’ll be doing a cleanse soon.

    Let you know how it goes.

  4. 7 DAYS! 7 DAYS!

    you can do it!

    love the rap.

    you should put it on your next album.

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