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Howdy yall’

I hope everyone out there had a great 4th of July! Filled with  great cook-outs and stellar food. As you may know Philmont has been hanging out on various lakes soaking up the sun for the past week(s) and I returned to my familys gathering at…. you guessed it…the lake! There were great fireworks and awesome boat rides. Also it was my lovely Mother’s birthday. So I hope you had a great birthday Mum….if you’re reading….which im sure you are.

So our time at Cornerstone was well spent. We saw some familiar faces and met some new ones as well. The weather was faaaannnnntastic, was never hot and the nights were very comfortable to sleep through. Although I do believe it rained after we left late Thursday night. Hope all of those who were stuck out in tents made it through okay.

I recently went to see Transformers II and thought it was pretty good. Anyone else see any other great flicks? I wish i had more time and money to see movies.


It seems its time to wash the suitcase of clothes that ive been holding off doing… I wonder if Josiah has taken a shower? You know he went 9 days and a few hours without?? Thats truely roughing it. Were not all gross boys….well more than half to be accurate.

Goodnight folks!!….. (ending credits, saloon style piano music!)




  1. Hey Justin. I am a big fan of Philmont and the message you honestly display. I am the music buyer for a Christian bookstore in southern Ohio. Not too often does a new band come along that I’m super, super excited about. I’ve already presold 29 of your forthcoming full length cd. Keep playing good music!

  2. I think my brother is taking my sister and I today to go see UP 🙂 I’m with you on the time and money!

    I just got back from a long trip on Friday… The unpacking part is no fun!


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