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I’m happy to start off saying that I’m blogging this week from my computer (as opposed to my phone)!  It’s back from the shop and the good folks at Apple fixed it up quite nice and didn’t charge me a dime!
I’d needed to send it off for a while but I use it so much I couldn’t stand to be without it for an entire week.  With the Cornerstone festival and the impossibility of any type of Internet this past week I decided it would be a good time to make that leap.  Imagine my surprise when it was at my house anxiously awaiting my return yesterday.

So- Cornerstone Fest- we meet again.  This years Cornerstone was a particularly good time for me.  While the turnouts at the shows were mediocre due to the main stage acts we were competing with I still had an awesome time.  (side note here- Those of you who DID choose us over Red and Relient K, you are fantastic people!  We love you!)

About 6 months ago Philmont met a dude named Cody on the World Wide Web via MySpace.  It’s been a while since my initial conversations with him so I’m a little fuzzy on exact names and details so you’ll have to excuse that.  Cody is a kid who is in love with music (like so many of us).  But unlike many of us, Cody has a terminal condition which has ,overtime, begun limiting the use of his muscles and ultimately confined him to a wheelchair.  The doctors have informed him that his condition has significantly decreased his lifespan (I recall a specific conversation where he mentioned not making it to his 20s).  After running into Cody a few times at the fest and seeing him at our shows he invited me and the boys to lunch.  I spent a good couple of hours the following day eating lunch, hanging out and just having some great conversations.  As he sat at the end of the picnic table talking about his band and how blessed he is I couldn’t help but be inspired.  Here’s a kid who so many people would feel sorry for, a kid so many people would pity.  But Cody’s not that kid.  He doesn’t see his condition as a limitation, he doesn’t focus on what’s going wrong in his life but, instead, of what the Lord has blessed him with- Great friends, great shows and (his words, not mine) eating lunch with one of his favorite bands.
I spent the rest of the day with Cody and one of his friends buzzing around the festival seeing different bands.  Cody and his friends nicknamed his wheelchair his “backstage pass” –and it totally worked!  If you were at the fest you may have seen him side stage for Emery and Capital Lights or bumping fists with any number of “A-list” fest performers.
Later in the day I met his dad who told me what we were a huge influence on his son.  I informed his dad, with a bit of a chuckle, that Cody was the one influencing us.  You can’t help but be inspired by his bravery and his complete trust in the Lord.
He’s truly a remarkable kid who has ambitions of his own band playing Cornerstone next year.  He asked if I’d come watch them.  I smiled- here’s a kid who stood clinging to the front of the stage for 30 minutes to see my band play- “I’ll be front row”, I said.


p.s.- As promised- here is my first of many blog videos:



  1. Loved the video blog…Looks like you guys are really on your way now…let me know the next time you guys are playing in Charlotte…

    When is your new CD going to be available in America?

  2. HAHA
    Those questions were grrreat.

    August 25th!
    Can’t wait kids!


  3. Those were some pretty sweet questions!lol

    I can not wait for the new cd!


  4. What a cool kid!! I have a disability which isn’t visible…a back disability…and so my back brace under my hoodies doesnt show. I sometimes feel insecure about it…but that really encouraged me man…That kid Cody sounds like a seriously awesome dude. SWEET. Keep rockin for Jesus!

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