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We’ve returned from our week o’ fun featuring a trip to the lake in Michigan and the good ol’ Cornerstone festival. I cooked my skin to a delicious golden brown this past week while also wearing out my muscles from the daily, intense tubing at the lake. I also filmed the first official Recap Rap which I promise will be available for your viewing pleasure very soon.

As for Cornerstone, the weather was surprisingly nice this year. Whereas Ichthus is to torrential rains, Cornerstone is to extreme heat. Yet this year, the weather was slightly overcast each day so I think we only reached a high of 75 (I think there is a song about that). We played two times on Wednesday night but unfortunately had to compete against some big acts on the main stage in the same time slot. Still two great shows. In my downtime at the festival, I enjoyed walking around and enjoying some great acts such as The Wedding, Copeland, Emery, Josh Garrels, David Bazan, Capital Lights, and Children 18:3. Also I was pleased to stumble upon some other acts such as Deas Vail, Owl City, The Skies Revolt, and Futuro Boots. All in all, a good time.

I’m starting a bold diet this next week while I’ve got some time off. It’s called the Master Cleanse diet. Basically for the next 7 days I will have no solid foods. Instead I’ll be drinking a liquid solution consisting of fresh lemon juice, organic maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. In addition, I’ll start my day off with a nice refreshing glass of sea-salt water. Why do this to myself, you ask? The whole process is an all-natural way to flush your system of the nastiness caked inside your intestines. And how do you get rid of the waste? I think you can figure the rest out. It’ll be best for me to be within close proximity to a bathroom because of the effect of the salt water solution. The “lemonade” will be all the nutrition I need for the week. The end result is a loss of weight (trying to get rid of this fast food gut that touring gives you), more energy, and of course flushing out your intestines. I’ll let you know how this goes during my next post. Wish me luck.

Your friend,




  1. hmm… i’m interested to see how this liquid diet is gonna turn out.

    hopefully i’ll be able to go to cornerstone some day. can’t afford the gas to get from NC to IL. heh.

    p.s. “high of 75” by relient k.

  2. Todd,
    sounds like you had a grand time at cornerstone.
    As for the diet… i hope everything comes out okay ;D hahaha!!
    Later LDB!
    big hugs and high 5’s!!

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