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So my blog this week will be short and full of poor spelling do to these two simple facts:
1- My computer is being fixed so I have to type with the tiny keyboard on my phone
2- I’m a terrible speller and my phone has no spell check

The last few days me and the other Philmont boys have been hanging out at my grandparents lake house in Michigan before scooting over to this years cornerstone fest next week.
This place holds a special spot in my heart cause I’ve been coming here since I was a kid.

As I was out fishing early this morning …side bar: I’m a very impatient person who can’t sit still doing much of anything but for some odd reason I can sit on a boat and fish for hours. I’ll never understand it!…okay back to what I was saying.
As I was out fishing this morning I took a moment to take everything in. The peaceful lake and it’s glass-like water teeming with all kinds of wildlife, the blue skies and white puffy clowds- everything in perfect harmony. I know I’m staring to sound like a cheese ball poem but it’s true.

I couldn’t help but take a second to thank the Creator of it all.  It’s hard to believe so many people chalk up such wonder to evolution and chance happenings!
Next time your out and about take a second to stop and soak it in!

That’s it for me this week. I promise you a blog video from me next week!
Keep checking back all next week for new blogs!
Peace! (in keeping with my hippy-esk blog)


One Comment

  1. great blog mr. president!!
    Not bad on the spelling either:)

    God is so amazing!!
    He created so much for us to take in and enjoy! His love truly runs deep!

    God bless you guys!
    big hugs and high 5’s!!
    your friend,

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