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Hey hey, folks.  Today I am riding in Bernie with the guys and Britt, and a special guest, Mila Taube.  Mila is Scott and Brittany’s dog, and she has never taken a trip with us before.  We are headed up to Sturgis, Michigan to hang out with a bunch of Scott’s family at the lake for the weekend before we go to Cornerstone Festival.  Mila has handled the 12-hour trip quite well thus far.

As I mentioned in my last post, our full album “Attention” was released as a U.S. import to Japan last month.  Well, as of Wednesday, the album saw its official Japanese release!  And, according to our sources, it has been selling better than expected, which is amazing!  Hopefully we will get to travel over there for a tour sometime.

Scott and Britt got iPhones last week, and they insist on continuously boasting about their newfound ability to browse hi-speed web at any time on the road.  But I say, what’s so great about having one cool thing that can do it all, when you could be like me and have 5 cool things that each do something (cell phone, DVD player, digital camera, PSP, laptop)?  My technology entourage rolls deep.

Yesterday I went to the local pool with my girlfriend.  I had been in the water for about five minutes when this large kid swam full speed into me, punching me very hard in the neck in the process.  It didn’t hurt that bad, but he hit and broke a small mole, which proceeded to bleed profusely.  I had to sit poolside with a paper towel against my neck for 45 minutes before it finally stopped.  Swim fail.  Also, now I’m kinda sunburned.

Just enjoyed some Burger King, one of my top picks in the fast food world.  I mean, who DOESN’T love a Hershey’s Sundae Pie from the BK Lounge?  Seriously I want to know.  It is the perfect clincher to an already near-perfect meal.

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Alright, that’s the end this week, here are your 3 songs.  Much love.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes:

–         “Been Here Before” by Jeremy Enigk

–         “New Year’s Project” by Further Seems Forever

–         “Search Warrant” by Children 18:3



  1. great blog Josiah!!
    i’m with you on the whole gadget thing… i mean if you have one thing that does it all and it breaks then what’ve you got? zilch, zippo, notta!!

    Hope you guys have an amazing time there at the lake and at Cornerstone:o)
    you will be in my prayers!!
    big hugs and high 5’s!!
    your friend,

  2. YES!!! I LOVE The Burger King pies!! I thought I was the only one obsessed with them!! Hahaha. I also dig how you put random songs after your posts. And yes, this was in June, but I have nothing better to do so I decided to do something worthwhile…AKA, read Philmont’s Blog!!! YAY!!!

    haha l8r

    PS NC is the supahflyest state evah!! yayah for carolinians!!!

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