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Whats up everyone out there? I hope everyone had a good time with their pappys on Father’s day. I just got back from a nice family vacation on a lake about 3 hours away. It was grand, the lake water was crystal clear and super warm. We also had a Sea-doo which was the greatest thing ive ever driven in my life. Its impossible to have a bad time when riding one of those. I must have riden that thing for hourrrsss. Sunday, we all went out to eat after church and just relaxed. Ive never been the one to take naps on a Sunday afternoon, but boy did I pass out for 4 hours.

So Philmont is home for a few weeks, getting some quality family and friend time. Today I spent some time with my sister and girlfriend at the mall. Then proceeded to get my nostril pierced. Spur of the moment? yes.

We cant wait to get back out on the road and see some new or familiar faces.

Keep checking back for new blogs!!!




  1. So, I first saw you in Ontario, Oregon with A Rotterdam November and Capitol Lights at the beginning of the year. I don’t know if you remember the following Taco Bell run or not … Anyway, I do and it was a blast! Well, long story short I am glad you are hanging around NC for awhile because I am visiting my grandparents in Gastonia and I’m going to be able to see you on July 15th! Maybe we can do taco bell again or something 🙂

  2. good job julia.

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