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“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11

Frustrated—that’s the best word to describe everything I was feeling the second week of December, 2008.  Philmont was in Nashville, TN taking care of some band business, doing a few meetings and performing in a showcase for the EMI sales team to help get everyone excited about our record.
After some less than successful meetings we discovered that our debut full-length record was being pushed back yet again.  Up to this point we were anticipating a Feb 09 release but were now told we’d have to wait until that summer.  Now don’t get me wrong, the reasoning behind this move was sound and the right choice, however, we couldn’t have been more…well…frustrated.
After this devastating news I had to go back to the hotel room and figure out what I was going to share as the heart of the band to the EMI sales team and guests the following morning.
I was angry and couldn’t focus.  After calling home to vent my frustration I started to pray.  I remember saying, “God, what’s the point?  Why are we here right now?”  While I’d love to say I got the answer right then and there I can’t.  That’s not always how it works.  There was no epiphany for me at that moment.  I had to work through stuff and ultimately give it up to God.  I wound up saying, “Alright, we put you in control of this thing, I’m just gonna hope you’re still steering us in the right direction.”
So why am I telling you this now in June of the following year?  Well while we were over in the Netherlands we met a man named Tim who was the person who pulled all the necessary strings to bring us over for the EO Youthday as well as the upcoming Flevo Festival.  Tim was at that showcase at EMI back in December.  He immediately fell in love with the music and our message and began to put things into motion to get us out to Holland.
While stuck in what seemed to be a useless situation, God was putting things in motion for us to be able to minister to a country where nearly half the population consider themselves to be Atheists.
It’s amazing to think back on that hard time and know that all the while God was working the situation according to his plan (and what a fantastic plan I might add!)
The next time you’re going through a rough patch and wondering why you’re being put there and if God is still in control, I’d encourage you to look back at similar situation in the past to see how God came through.
You may not get the answers you want when you want them but if you let God be in control, you can bet he’s using every situation to prepare us for what’s next.



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  1. So true Scott, so true. I’ve had experiences like that myself…it’s amazing how God works things out. He wants what’s best for us. We have to give Him our unconditional trust…especially when things don’t look so good.

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