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Todd again. Well we made it back in one piece from Holland. Not that I’ve ever heard of people going overseas and coming back in more than one piece, I just thought that’s the phrase you use when you come back from a long journey. Anyway, I’m just now getting over the jetlag. It was terrible adjusting to the time difference the first day in Holland since it’s 6 hours later in Holland than from NC. The flight there wasn’t too good to me either seeing as how I lost my dinner as we were landing. But we had an amazing time and learned a lot about the Dutch culture. Our guide for the week was our new Dutch friend, Daniel, who taught us phrases in Dutch such as “thank you”, “hello”, “you’re welcome”, “cheese”, “clown”, and “little fat boy”. Don’t worry, we didn’t call anyone little fat boy. We did however accidently mix up the phrases “you’re welcome” and “please take this”. So we didn’t realize until later when people were thanking us for playing that we were responding back with “please take this’, in which they always looked perplexed and now we understand why. Woops. Oh well, we’ll have a chance to make up for it when we return to Holland for the Flevo festival in August, which we’re pumped about. It’s a huge festival and we get to play the main stage on a Saturday night so hopefully we made enough of an impact on the people at the show in Arnhem for them to bring all their friends and family to the Flevo festival.

Here’s some footage from the show in Arnhem, Holland.

I don’t think the band will want me to post this but I’m gonna do it anyway. Our last night in Holland we had a radio interview where we were challenged to write a song within an hour with the title submitted by a listener. The selected title was “Oh Saint Google, Give me the Answers”.  The finished product can be heard [here]. This isn’t our best work, but we tried. Guest vocals by our dutch friend, Daniel.

In my last post I had a link to our trip for Habitat for Humanity part 1. I’ve just uploaded part 2 of the trip. So be sure to check that out. I’ve also been working on the first inaugural recap rap as well, so stay tuned for that.

We’ve got some time off for a few weeks so I’m gonna go into hibernation mode, only waking to eat and update the blog.  Until then, goodbye.




  1. It sounds like you guys had a fun and busy trip!! I’m glad you made it home in one piece 🙂 Miss you guys!

  2. Hahaha
    Where’s the footage Scott made? When he said: Hi everyone, we’re in Holland.
    And the song, Oh Saint Google, Give Me The Answer is an awesome song! I keep listening, so you better play it again at FlevoFestival 😛
    And you’re playing twice sooooo, you can play it twice.. 😉 Please (A)
    Haha 😛 Really enjoyed having you here in the Netherlands!

  3. Hey guys,
    Nice blog title;)
    You’re concert at the eo-youthday was amazing, I’ve really enjoyed it!
    And now I’m looking forward to see you at Flevo 😀

  4. Omg the song was sooo Awesome! i heard it on 3fm!

    dit is het enigste nederlands dat ik ken!
    ^was really funny :D! but where is the video that you have made, youknow:
    Look we’re in holland :D!
    that one!


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