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Hi everyone!! I just want to first off apologize for not having this posted on Monday. Boy have we had a crazy weekend! We had a rained out set at Ichthus, flew to the Netherlands had a great time there, then flew back home to drive to Florida at 5 in the morning on Tuesday. But I wouldn’t change a thing… well maybe a few like being able to play our show at Ichthus but God is control there and it all went his way.


    We ended up playing a short acoustic set under our pop-up tent beside our bus in the drizzling rain for about 50+ very awesome, magnificent, people. We thank you all so much and are very bummed we didn’t get to rock out for you. Next year, fingers crossed. Right afterwards we frantically grabbed what we needed for our show in Holland, then rushed to the near by airport.


    Holland was amazing, we met so many new people and learned some new phrases in Dutch as Todd will demonstrate in the next blog. It was my very first time flying and quite honestly it was great. Sometimes I forgot I was in the air and just felt like riding in the bus. We walked around Holland’s capital Amsterdam, which was beautiful. It was full of old architecture and old looking buildings. We must have walked for miles seeing so many things hopefully all of you will be able to see in an upcoming video. We got to hangout with David Crowder and Jeremy Camp and their crew, they were all cool and nice.


   Finally we left for the states Monday morning and got home safe and sound. Now we’re heading up I-95 from Florida after rocking out a camp down in the Lake Placid area called Authentic09’. It was a great show and had tons of fun. I hope to be back down there in the near future.

 P.S  Soon ill have video up of the segment “ Justin Eats Something Weird” stay tuned!!



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