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What’s up guys, Josiah here.  Today I am in none other than the Netherlands (a.k.a. Holland)!!!  Never been to another country before, but we’ve been here for a little bit now and it is pretty sweet. 

First of all, EVERYBODY here drives a hatchback automobile.  Seriously, about 85% of the vehicles I’ve seen.  Also, lightswitches are big squares.  More to come about Holland later….

As you may know, each of us in Philmont will have periodic video segments to accompany their blog post.  My segment is called “Droppin’ Knowledge with Josiah”, and I will be providing you with fun, random, and interesting facts about…something.  It all depends on where we are / what we are doing at the time of filming.  I taped the first episode yesterday, and it is quality. 

Here is something I am going to do every week: at the end of each of my blogs will be 3 recommendations of songs that you should check out immediately (i.e. buy them on iTunes).  And hopefully we can share some great music together!  If you have any recommendations for me, leave ‘em in the comments right down here.  See ya!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:

–       “Snow Brigade” by Mew

–       “Motorcycle Drive By” by Third Eye Blind

–       “Poison” by Shiny Toy Guns


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