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Hello everyone.

I’m writing my blog for the week during the flight from Cincinnati, OH to Amsterdam. Earlier today we played the Ichthus Festival in Kentucky then packed up our stuff and scurried of to the airport.  Now we’re in route to the Netherlands to play the 2009 EO Youth Day. 

 According to my the info on my in-flight screen we are over the Atlantic, south of Iceland going 524mph at about 37000ft.  According to my computer clock (and my body) it’s roughly 2am.  While I know I should be sleeping now I’m having quite a bit of trouble doing so.  On top of the general discomfort of airplane seating, the three gentlemen in front of me have spent the last 3 hours turning row 41 into a full service bar and are now attempting to give each other relationship advice using their outdoor voices.  That, coupled with the strange fact that it’s light outside, has convinced me to give up my quest for sleep and take this time to blog about the events of Ichthus.

Last year at Ichthus we were hit with some crazy weather which resulted in the main merch tent to come crashing down on us causing the entire festival to be on lock down.  Well, sad to say, this year was not much different.  We were scheduled to play the Deep End stage on Thursday afternoon at 2:30.  We got to the fest on Wednesday afternoon and immediately set out to promote our set and make some new friends.  We were stoked to see some familiar faces (actually a lot of familiar faces) as we made our way around the campgrounds.  That night a big storm blew in which crippled the Deep End stage.  Thousands of dollars of sound and light gear were destroyed by the wind and rain and the stage was shut down until late Thursday afternoon.  Unfortunately, we had a plane to catch and couldn’t stick around for a later time slot.  We were very disappointed to have come all that way to not play a show but the worst part was that, despite the mud, wind and rain, there was a respectable crowd forming in front of the stage waiting for a Philmont show that just wasn’t going to happen.

In a last ditch effort to salvage our Ichthus experience I ran down to the stage and jumped up on the front barrier to announce that Philmont would be playing a very special, impromptu acoustic set next to our bus.  To my surprise, the entire crowd left and headed to where we had set up camp!

By the time I got there a respectable crowd had formed and the guys had set up a small tent to keep us, the acoustics and some of the many onlookers out of the rain.

We were able to do a few unplugged songs and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  It was very intimate and it was great to hear people singing along with us. 

For all of you who came out and supported us that afternoon I just want to say Thank you!  You guys helped us make the best out of a bad situation and we had a great time!

So that’s it for now.  In two short hours we’ll be in the Netherlands- Philmont’s first international gig!  We feel very blessed for the opportunity and can’t wait to loop you guys in on the experience with blogs, pictures and video.

God Bless!




  1. Hi!

    I saw you yesterday at the EO Youthday!
    You were awesome! CU at Flevofestival 😉


  2. I saw you play at the EO-youthday. I thought you were brilliant! I can’t wait untill Flevo!

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