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Hi everyone, This is your fellow Philmont-ian Justin Sams or BustinJams IF you like. Im just gearing up/ preparing myself for my first flight in the Stratosphere. Im pretty excited, not only is it my first flight but my first time leaving the country! Philmont will be traveling to the Netherlands for about 3 days then coming home.

Im pretty pumped to be starting summer with such an awesome trip. Our summer looks good and is still unfolding. Were totally stoaked to be heading back to Icthus this year also venturing out and doing other festivals that are new to us. Really hope to meet new people and make new friends, not that our current friends are getting old or anything, we love each and everyone of you!

So were starting this whole new WordPress blog thing to keep you fans updated more about the whole world of Philmont. Each member will be posting a new blog just about every other day. We hope to keep it juicy and full of great things to keep you coming back for more. In doing so I realize im much better at writing things out than talking on the spot like in an interview, guess I need to work on that!

Wow, just saw a Manwich commercial with the most annoying/ awful jingle ever. But it did the job and now im craving a sloppy-joe….


Well Everyone thats it for me. Im outta here




  1. Have a great time in the Netherlands and an awesome summer too! ~Blessings to you all!~ 😀

  2. Hey have a fun and safe time in the Netherlands!
    hope to see you in August!
    God Bless

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